"My Niggas" By DDK Edit


All my niggas,

and all my bitches,

all my niggas,

and all my bitches[1]

Verse 1:

Me and my niggas we ride through the city, rollie on my wrist, cockin' my 50[2], Don't Hate, try to flex,

why you walking so swiftly[3], ? and your boy is so crispy, hop in the bentley, the police can't get me,

Indiana, but my blood mississippi, we gettin' this paper, we movin' so quickly this lifestyle is risky

Wrote up a check, then I gotta go, when I'm on swipe watch me switch up the flow

these niggas so fake and they know that I know, that's why I don't fuck with these niggas no more

How far can you go? I'm here for my show[4], then I gotta roll, then I gotta roll

I gotta keep going I gotta get rich, I gotta keep flowing, I gotta stay lit[5], gotta keep moving, I gotta stay fit,

I will not stop till my pockets get thick, niggas keep talking, they think that they slick, but you ain't ? you better think quick, before

it don't click, I am that nigga, I am so sick, you know that I'm with!


All my niggas,

and all my bitches,

all my niggas,

and all my bitches

Verse 2:

I seen the competition, do this on my own I'm on a mission, I got a vision, free all my niggas from prison,

want to see them diamonds glisten, I'm reminiscing, back when the days we was kickin', now a nigga in the kitchen,[6]

I told all you niggas to listen, 

I told all you niggas to listen, I told all you niggas to listen, I'ma keep going 'till

I get to the finish, get to the finish, uhh, get to the finish[7]

  1. The song by DDK is about his celebration with his squad for achieving his goals, and the success he will achieve in the future.
  2. Even though he's celebrating and having fun, he still warns anyone not to mess with him, as he's got his 50 cocked and ready a .50 caliber pistol, commonly known as a desert eagle, is a pistol with a .5 inch bullet.
  3. He talks about how people hate on him and try to run away -- true cowards
  4. He's here to perform then he's got to go. He's a rapper. he's living a busy lifestyle.
  5. He's got to get the money and provide the fans with rich content at the same time.
  6. DDK: When I was younger, you didn't worry about anything, you was just chillin', kicking it with family and friends. As you get older things don't feel the same and you start to see a greater meaning behind everything.
  7. DDK: I won't stop till i achieve my goals.